26 July 2010

Allahabad women go to the gym, in a burqa

அலஹாபாத் ஹிஜாபுடனான உடற்பயிற்சி மையம்!

Allahabad:  It is all about being fit and this universally appealing
statement has now inspired some of the Burqa clad women in Allahabad to get intoshape. Their trainers are men but that doesn't deter them. Amazingly, the Imam intheir area is all for it.

"We follow our religion, we keep our 'purdah' when we do our workout. Our familydoesn't have a problem. I would say more girls should join us," said Saifee Parveen,one of the gym-goers.

Many others like Parveen come to Sehat Gym in Allahabad's Kareli Mohalla every morning and evening.Their families too are extending their full support.

"There are people who say that Muslim women should not come forward. We don't think so as they should come forward through education, or in sports, then parents andbrothers should only encourage them," said a Aabid, Perveen's brother. Imam Sayyed Zaffar Zaidi said," No one should have an objection to it. Islam does not stop this. If someone goes to the gym in purdah, it's alright. If it is for improving one's health, Islam allows it."